Why Outdoor Advertising

Billboard advertising makes a big impression, maximizes your budget, and increases your profits.

Outdoor Advertising is one of the most effective and consistent forms of advertising available to businesses today.

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Outdoor Advertising

Makes an Impression

on Your Targeted Audience.

Ninety-six percent of Americans are exposed to outdoor media, and 71% consciously look at the messages on billboards.

And, unlike other forms of advertising media, billboards cannot be turned off, tuned out, or avoided. They’re "on" 24/7 for thousands of your potential customers to see every day!

Outdoor Advertising

Costs Less

than Other Forms of Marketing.

Advertising on a billboard for a whole month costs roughly the same as running a full-page ad in a major newspaper for one day!

In terms of cost per impression out-of-Home advertising also costs 80% less than television ads and 50% less than radio ads!

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Outdoor Advertising

Increases Your Sales

and your Profits.

Nearly one-quarter of people who see a billboard visit that business immediately and more than one-third visit that business that week!

That’s thousands of more customers visiting your business and buying your products and services!

Billboards may be "timeless," but that's why they're so effective right now.

In a world where we're bombarded with ads that we can fast forward through, turn off, tune out, and unsubscribe from, billboards are always "on." Plus, they don't interfere with the consumers' experience, as digital ads can. Finally, 71% of consumers say that billboard ads stand out more than online ads, and 46% believe they stand out more than TV ads.

Why Penneco Outdoor Advertising?

  • Largest locally owned and operated by your own neighbors.
  • Over 30 billboard locations, with more than 120 faces,throughout Allegheny, Bedford, Fayette, Indiana, and Westmoreland Counties.
  • High quality vinyl products that are reusable, long-lasting, and cost effective.
  • Virtually unlimited options for sizes, layouts, and traditional and digital formats.
  • Our proactive, dedicated team committed to delivering you superior results.

Billboards for your Local Business

If you think billboard advertising is just for the big-name brands, you couldn't be more wrong! Here's why outdoor advertising might be the most affordable and effective advertising option for your Western Pennsylvania business.

  • Billboard can be developed to fit just about any budget.
  • Billboards increase brand awareness.
  • Your business becomes a natural, known part of your community - which is effective because people crave community and love to support their own
  • Billboards are limited commodity and therefore exclusive, providing your brand with additional credibility.
  • The cost per impression for billboards is much lower than other traditional forms of advertising (e.g., print, TV, radio).
  • The help you reach customers who are near you, while they are already out.
  • People make shopping decisions while they are in the car.
  • Billboards reach the whole local popluations, allowing you to reach a large, diverse audience.
  • Outdoor adversiting provides you with maximum exposure, as drivers see you same message repeatedly during their commute.
  • Billboards increase foot AND online traffic, as consumers are likely to look up your business when they get home.

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