Why Billboards Work For Small Business

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Quick! Think of billboards and the companies who advertise on them.  What types of businesses come to mind?  If you’re like many of us, you immediately think of large corporations.  But million-dollar enterprises aren’t the only companies who benefit from the power of outdoor advertising.   Billboards work for small business establishments just like yours, too!   Here are 3 of our favorite reasons why.

3 Reasons Why Billboards Work for Small Business

Targets Your Current & Potential Customers

Contrary to popular belief, local businesses and brick and mortar shops are not going the way of the dinosaurs.  In fact, 80% of all sales occur at physical locations.  And since people primarily make purchases at the businesses in the communities where they live and work, it makes sense to target them directly with an eye-catchy billboard.


Yields High Rates of Return

As a small business owner, you don’t have the bottomless advertising budget of your larger counterparts.  Compared to other advertising mediums though, outdoor advertising comes in the lowest.  Billboards only cost a mere $4 for 1000 views!  The CPM of magazine ads, on the other hand, is $14, while direct mail and newspaper ads are $27 and $36, respectively!  That’s quite a huge return on investment!

Puts Your Business In the Big Leagues

Remember our exercise at the beginning of this post?  We asked what types of businesses come to mind when you think of outdoor advertising?  Just like you probably thought of big corporations, big money, and big brands, so did everyone else. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if your big-hearted small business was counted among the ranks of Fortune 500 companies? It is when you advertise on billboards!

Ready to get started showing how big your small business is?  Contact Linda today to get your outdoor advertising campaign started.  Remember, if you don’t, someone else will!

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