How Small Businesses Profit From Using Billboards


All small businesses know that the way to get clients is to advertise. Word of mouth is other people advertising for you, but there is another lucrative advertising method for small businesses: billboards. They are one of the most effective marketing strategies since they reach a larger audience and can optimize the ROI on your marketing budget. All small businesses have to walk a fine line between advertising and profits. Sometimes more traditional advertising methods can help establish your unique brand and make it prominent in the consumer world. Here are some ways that billboards can increase your company’s profits without breaking your budget.

Builds a Loyal, Local Customer Base

No matter if you are a service based company or a product based company, the first thing you want to gain from your advertising is a solid local customer base. As with any good marketing plan, you need that solid foundation. Once you have that local base, you are better equipped to spread out and expand your target marketing area. Using locally themed billboards can grab your community’s attention and make your business be the first one they think of. Once you gain them as a customer, you have created a loyal base of customers that you will find invaluable. They will bring in more referrals creating that word of mouth advertising and allowing you to expand your marketing goals.

Easier To Target Your Demographic

Not all advertising is created equal. Some limit how much you can customize your ads, whether it be space or cost. Billboards, especially the digital version, can help you focus on your message. This allows you to target your buyer demographic and even experiment with other demographics to see if you can gain customers there as well. Billboards allow you to show your expansive knowledge of your product or service while being far less expensive than a television or radio spot. Use the location of the billboard to help design your message to get the maximum effect. For instance, if you own a gym you would want to place a billboard near a health food or vitamin store. You want your ad to influence the people who are more likely to use your product or service. A good billboard location is an essential part of targeting your specific sales demographic.

Use Customer Insight to Customize Your Message

Every business operates using a customer avatar. This is developed by watching who is buying. Male, female, single, married, age, number of children…all of these are used to build that detailed client avatar. Using this avatar and any customer feedback (reviews, suggestions, and testimonials) you can use your billboard to create an ad message that will resonate with your customers and encourage others similar to that avatar to purchase from you. Your message should be something they can understand and relate to. This could be anything from showcasing a local celebrity or using a localize slang. When customers feel you relate to them, they are more inclined to be influenced by your billboard and make a purchase. The fact that you are a local company will make them proud and feel like your success is their success, motivating them to purchase and share their finds with their friends.

Gain Valuable Local Partnerships

Building partnerships with the local community are part of the lifeblood of a business. This includes the partnerships with your customers as they make purchases. But it also includes the partnerships that are made with the local service providers and other small businesses in the area. You can help build these business relationships by carefully placing your billboard ad. When you place your ad along a major highway you are drawing more customers to your location. Other businesses in the area benefit from the increase in customer traffic.

The aim of most small businesses is to get their products into stores, whether they are independent stores or large big-box chain stores. If you are able to get your products into these stores you are able to capitalize on that fact in your ads. Other local businesses, as long as you are in good standing with them, will welcome your ads as it gives them a chance to gain customers as well. You may even include them in the composition of your billboard so that all will benefit. 70% of all shopping decisions are made while shopping or while in-store. A well-placed ad will keep your product in the minds of consumers.

This Platform Is Free To The Consumer

Most of today’s advertising media requires the consumer to pay something to see it. Newspapers, TV commercials on cable, magazines…they all require the customers to purchase the item so that the ads can be seen without customers giving money. Billboards are one of the few mediums that allow consumers to see it without paying anything for it. Consumers are more likely to appreciate a well-thought-out billboard ad as they are more price conscious than in previous years. Taking the time and using your own money to get your advertisements in front of them will show that you understand the spending challenges that consumers face and will keep your business in mind when they need something. By keeping their costs low you will gain trust and make connections with your marketing audience.

Billboard marketing may not be the first thought when thinking and planning a marketing strategy. But there are many benefits to making it an important part of your plan. Not only is it widely seen by hundreds of thousands of people, but it also doesn’t cost you any extra for each person to see it as well as it is one of the most inexpensive and cost-effective marketing you can find. While you may want to just focus on digital marketing channels, some off-line marketing offers your company a great value for advertising. Penneco Outdoor Advertising has prime location spots and can help you start out your marketing strategy in the right direction.

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