Why Penneco Outdoor?

With more than 30 billboard locations and 100 faces, Penneco Outdoor Advertising is the largest locally owned billboard company in the greater Pittsburgh region!

Our advertisers range from small startups to large national campaign agencies. Regardless of size or status, each of our valued clients receives the Penneco Works.

What about digital marketing, isn't that better?

If you’re still thinking digital marketing is the way to go, we have news for you. The digital space is noisy and cluttered, and the ads make people feel overwhelmed and interrupted – which is why 4 out of 5 Americans ignore online ads and 47% are blocking ads.

We’re committed to helping our advertisers reach their audience in a big way – which is why we’re offering HUGE bonuses on our annual contracts.

Sign a 12-month contract, get the first ONE month FREE!

That’s 13 months for the price of 12 – an 8% savings.

Sign a 24-month contract, get the first THREE months FREE!

That’s 27 months for the price of 24 — a 13% savings.  Better yet – you keep your cash in your pocket while you wind up.

Sign a 36-month contract, get the first SIX months FREE.!

That’s 42 months of advertising for the price of 36 – a 17% savings. That’s value today and payments don’t start until year-end!!

*offer is good for both our print and digital billboards!

We are Here to Help You

We want to help you make OOH advertising work for you – by getting your message out there to improve your cash flow. With over 30 locations and 100 faces, we have the RIGHT spot for you.

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Penneco Outdoor Advertising
Address: 6608 Rte 22, Ste 307, Delmont, PA 15626
Phone: 724-461-1041
Hours: Monday-Friday: 8:30 – 5:00

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