Promoting Your Business on a Budget


All business owners, especially small business owners, know that when you market and promote your business you have to do it on a budget. You need to get the maximum exposure for the lowest amount spent. Here are some things you can do to promote your business when you are on a slim budget.

Utilize Social Media

There are many people that don’t realize the power of social media. Back in 2014 over half of adults online used social media. Business can harness the power of FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and more and do it all for free! It’s a great way to show off your business, reach a large amount of people, and not have it damage your budget. As with all things, it will take work to build a following for your brand but once it gets rolling it will be worth it.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to bring attention to your brand. With free or inexpensive opt-in forms and marketing automation software, building an email list is easy. Create a monthly (or whichever time frame works for you) newsletter that engages your customers and gets them talking about you. They will refer you to their friends, who will also subscribe to your newsletter, and your following begins at a minimal budget.

Make Memorable Business Cards

Every business owner carries business cards and when they hand them out, sometimes they get lost in the stacks. Make your card stand out and be unique. It can simple as changing the shape or thickness of the cards.

Keep Creating New Content 

Keep your business sounding fresh and in-the-know by publishing blogs or give away e-books. This allows potential customers to learn more about your business and industry while keeping your name on top. People love to be taught new things so make your content more educating than selling. Let the selling come naturally.

Offer Discounts

Clients love to feel they are getting something special. Create discounts for new and existing clients. This will help bring in new customers and will help build a solid brand loyalty with your existing customers.

Utilize Out Of Home Advertising

Using out of home advertising is a smart way to use your marketing budget. Billboards and bus signs are seen thousands of times a day and can reach a wide variety of potential customers. Make your design pop with color and keep the message short. Match up with great outdoor advertisers like Penneco Outdoor Advertising to get started.

These are just some of the many, many ways that you can promote your business without breaking your budget. Get creative and think outside the box. That will make you stand out and keep your business memorable.

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