Planning Your 2019 Advertising Strategy


There is less than a month left of 2018 and it’s time to start thinking of your advertising strategy for 2019. This is the time to try new ways to advertise or to keep some that you are already using. There are some things you can do to get prepared and to plan out a strong advertising strategy.

Revisit who is your target client.

This is the time to re-look at who your is target audience. You need to see who you are reaching and who is actually doing the buying. Some adjustments may be needed for your advertising strategy to match the demographics of your actual buyers. This will help you better direct your new advertising in the upcoming year. Creating a new campaign can be exciting but knowing who your audience is first will make your campaign amazing.

Look back at your 2018 advertising strategy.

2018 can tell you a lot about what your strategy should be in 2019. You should see what worked for you and what didn’t. How did your ads do last year? Which ones were the most successful? Did you do any OOH advertising like billboards? You can redirect your advertising dollars to where they will do your business the most good. Once you have these answers, take a look back at your audience persona and determine which type of ads they are most likely to be drawn to.

Decide what advertising channels to use.

This is something that ties back to looking at 2018. You will need to decide which channels your 2019 strategy will use. This could mean print advertising, digital marketing, websites and blogs, trade shows and events, or social media channels. Each has their positives and negatives. In mapping out your campaign, you will need to determine which will reach the most people to get your business out there. Each will take time and knowledge, which could be done in-house or you could hire a marketing company to handle this for you.

Set goals for 2019.

As you head into the new year, you should set goals for your company. What are you looking to achieve? What sales numbers do you expect to see from your marketing campaign? What is your goal ROI (return on investment) that you want to see from your advertising? Make realistic goals to achieve and then try to go beyond them. By setting goals, you will have a better direction on where you want your company to go.

Just a few simple steps can help you go into 2019 prepared and with full knowledge of where you are going. You should have a solid plan and have every step mapped out. It is never too late to create a great strategy. You are always able to revisit and adjust your plan as needed. Try new avenues of advertising, keep old ones, and start 2019 going strong.

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