Outdoor Advertising WORKS – Even During a Pandemic


You’ve probably heard from every business under the sun about their response to the COVID-19 outbreak and been bombarded with statistics on the pandemic’s impact – on the economy as a whole and on small businesses specifically.

We want to take a step to help our local business friends rebound from the setbacks we’ve all experienced. We also want to look on the bright side and share a little levity, fun, and good news.

So on that note, do you know what hasn’t been canceled?

NOT CANCELLED: Billboard advertising, Penneco Outdoor, and the open road!

That’s right. We’re still here – and here to tell you why outdoor advertising can have a big impact on your business, even in these economic times.

With the popularity and flexibility offered by digital advertising, everyone seems to think it’s the clear winner for business ads. But there’s a reason outdoor advertising remains popular and continues to grow every year. And in a nutshell, that reason is…

Size matters.

  • Billboards grab attention.
  • They can’t be avoided, skipped, tuned out, or turned off.
  • They’re constantly available – and seen repeatedly, by more people, with less effort.
  • They’re seen by consumers who aren’t always glued to screens – as well as the digitally dialed in.
  • They boast an average ROI of 497%!
  • They trigger word-of-mouth advertising.
  • They are affordable, fun, and creative.

OUTDOOR ADVERTISING: Simply THE best option for local brand awareness and sales.

As a local business ourselves, we’re committed to helping our economy bounce back in a big and rapid way – which is why we’re offering huge bonuses on our annual contracts:

  • Sign a 12-month contract, get the first ONE month FREE – That’s 13 months for the price of 12 – an 8% savings.
  • Sign a 24-month contract, get the first THREE months FREE.  That’s 27 months for the price of 24 — a 13% savings.  Better yet – you keep your cash in your pocket while you wind up.
  • Sign a 36-month contract, get the first SIX months FREE.  That’s 42 months of advertising for the price of 36 – a 17% savings.   That’s value today and payments don’t start until year-end!!

And this offer is good for both our print and digital billboards!

But Will Outdoor Advertising Work Now?

If you’re still thinking digital marketing is the way to go – especially now, when everyone is at home and glued to their screen more than ever, we have news for you.

That’s exactly why outdoor advertising has been growing in popularity.

The digital space is noisy and cluttered, and the ads make people feel overwhelmed and interrupted – which is why 4 out of 5 Americans ignore online ads and 47% are blocking ads.

Still not convinced? All the cool kids are doing it….

Four of the biggest billboard spenders are Apple, Amazon, Google, and Netflix.

If they’re investing in outdoor advertising, you better believe it’s working for them!

We want to help you make it work for you, too – by getting your message out there to improve your cash flow. Which is why we’re offering bonuses on our annual contracts.


Contact Linda today at (724) 382-6828 to find out which of our over 30 locations and 100 faces is the perfect spot to showcase your local business message.

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