How to Choose the Best Colors for Your Billboard

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In the world of advertising, where capturing attention is the key to success, choosing the right colors for your billboard is paramount. Colors have a profound impact on human emotions and behavior, making them a crucial element in any marketing strategy. 

When it comes to billboard advertisements, where you have mere seconds to convey your message, the significance of color selection cannot be overstated. Let’s cover some important rules that will guide you in creating visually compelling and effective billboard designs.

Contrast is Key

Use high contrast between text and background to ensure readability, especially from a distance. Dark text on a light background or vice versa tends to be more legible.

Legibility at a Distance

Choose colors that maintain visibility from a distance, considering factors like font size and overall design. Avoid color combinations that may blend together or create a muddy appearance. Black and dark backgrounds work great on digital billboards. White & light backgrounds are not optimal. Limit the color palette: too many colors can be distracting and may dilute the impact of your message. Stick to a limited color palette for a clean and cohesive look.

Images & Graphics

Choose a photo or graphic that is easy to tell what it is. The photo should not be too busy. Use close-ups of your product or models. Bold, vibrant colors and attention-getting images are preferred. Below are examples of images that work great on billboard ads. They are simple and attention getting.

Brand Consistency

Use colors that align with your brand identity to maintain consistency across different marketing materials. Ensure that the colors evoke the right emotions and associations related to your brand. 

If your colors are earth tones and not vibrant, consider using a brighter color like red, orange or yellow to help draw the viewer’s eye to your billboard ad.

Also consider the emotions and messages associated with different colors. For example, red may convey urgency or excitement, while blue can evoke trust and reliability.

Rules for Logos on Billboards

Use enough contrast between the logo & background. Contrast refers to the difference between 2 shades of color. If your logo text is light in color, use a dark background color. Even a billboard ad with only a logo on it is a great idea for brand awareness.

Other Compelling Tips

  • Consider the Environment: take into account the surroundings where the billboard will be placed. Choose colors that stand out against the backdrop and do not blend in with the environment.
  • Test for color blindness: Ensure that your color choices are accessible to individuals with color blindness. Use tools and techniques to simulate how your billboard will appear to those with different types of color vision deficiencies.
  • Check for visibility in various lighting conditions: Colors may appear differently in different lighting conditions. Test your color choices in various lighting scenarios to ensure visibility during day and night.
  • Comply with local regulations: Some areas may have regulations regarding the use of specific colors or brightness levels for outdoor advertising. Be sure to check and comply with any local guidelines.

Finally, stand back from your monitor a good distance or print out your ad and stand back several feet. How does it look? 

Remember that the effectiveness of a billboard advertisement also depends on the overall design, layout, and content. A well-balanced combination of these elements will contribute to a successful and eye-catching billboard.
We’ve been designing billboard ads for a long time. Just send us your ideas and one of our designers will do the hard work for you! When you work with our creative team, we will help you to create an ad that is powerful, professional, and memorable.

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