How Billboard Advertising Helps You Capitalize on Consumer Behavior to Drive Sales

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Billboard advertising has been around for decades, but it remains an effective marketing channel when done right. Yet another way outdoor advertising has the edge over other marketing tactics is it places your brand in front of people when they may be thinking of little else – except maybe just surviving the drive to or from work.

In the car, there are fewer things to distract us than there are in our homes and offices. And research shows that consumers are increasingly impulse driven. When they see your business message, they’re likely to “take the next exit” to your location – especially if your ad includes that instruction.

The key is understanding consumer behavior patterns and positioning your billboard ads strategically to have maximum impact. Let’s look at some ways billboard advertising helps you capitalize on consumer behavior.

Target Commuters on Their Regular Routes

Many daily commuters take the same routes to work every day. Billboard ads placed along their regular commutes essentially form a “captive audience.” This capitalizes on consumer behavior because  the repetition builds brand awareness and loyalty. Data shows commuters gaze at the same billboards, so consistency is key. When they notice your brand daily – or even multiple times a day – you offer more opportunities to gain those all-important impressions.

Strategically Place Billboards Based on Intent

Certain billboard placements based on consumer intent work better than others. Ads for coffee shops and fast food do well along commuter routes in the morning when people want breakfast. Those ads do great along routes into a city or industrial complex where many people travel to work. Entertainment and event ads are effective near weekend getaway routes when people are more open to experiences. Consider where consumers are headed on a given route to capitalize on their habits and behavior. 

Give Directions to Your Location

Location, location, location! Location of your business is important, but placing billboard ads locations near you can also be helpful by easily pointing drivers directly TO you! If you can select a billboard location that’s just a turn or two away from your business, tell commuters to “Turn Left Ahead” or “Take the Next Exit and Keep Right.”

The idea is to make it as simple as possible for people to decide to visit you and to find your location. If you’re paying attention, you see this all the time from fast food and other restaurants, as well as businesses offering other amenities. You don’t need to be a big “CHIKIN” brand or fuel franchise to use this trick. 

Adapt Messaging for Heavy Traffic Areas

If your billboard is along a congested highway, you only have seconds to get your message across. Simplicity and brevity are key. Bold visuals and minimal text in large fonts ensure your message is quickly comprehended. Humor also tends to work well in heavy traffic areas to lighten frustration and even delight your audience.

Create a Sense of Urgency with Your Billboard

Include a special offer or create a message that will make people decide they need to visit or buy from you NOW. For example, give them a reason to stop by your location on their way home from work, such as, “Why make dinner when you can make reservations?” Or speak to consumers’ need to unwind and rest at the end of the day, like, “You deserve a book break! Pick up a best seller tonight.” This capitalizes on consumers’ behavior by offering them things they want or need when they want or need them. 

People making decisions about their evening activities will be more likely to just swing on into your location or order online when they arrive at home.

Leverage Digital Billboards

Digital billboards allow you to display different ads or adapt messaging based on factors like time of day and current events. For example, a local restaurant might tout their speedy, to-go breakfasts in the morning and their happy hour or dinner specials in the afternoons and evenings, driving sales in both time frames. .  

You can geo-target digital billboards to only display ads relevant to that locale.They also pull people in with vibrant motion graphics.

Your Opportunities to Capitalize on Consumer Behavior with Billboard Advertising

Billboard advertising endures because it works. Strategically placing billboards based on commute patterns, high-traffic areas, and consumer mindset and intent allows you to influence behavior.

While the medium is old, digital billboards can breathe new life into your overall advertising and marketing campaign. Be sure to make messaging and visuals simple, bold, and impactful and to give drivers reasons to visit your website or stop by today!

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