Highway Heroes: How Billboard Advertising Drives Traffic to Your Website and Business

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Research shows that 68% of people report making buying decisions from the driver’s seat. So, why not meet them where they are and promote your business to drivers with billboard advertising?

Think about it. Most of the ads we see (i.e., on our screens) come at us when we’re surrounded by other distractions – the work piling up on the desk, the kids asking us to fix them another snack, or simply the next ad that rolls across the screen. But when we’re driving, we can’t shift between tasks like that, which gives our brains a break from information overload. Your billboard ad can help consumers with decision fatigue and prompt them to either visit your website later or drive directly to your location to make a purchase.

How Billboard Advertising Drives Traffic

Billboards have long been an effective way for businesses to reach consumers on the move. Strategically using billboards can drive substantial traffic to your website and foot traffic to your brick-and-mortar location. Let’s look at some of the key ways billboard advertising boosts both types of visits.

Drive Website Traffic with Clear, Brief Messages

Billboards viewed by drivers only have a few seconds to communicate, so it’s essential to pique interest quickly. Include your website URL prominently on the billboard with a clear, intriguing message that makes them want to visit the site to learn more. Make sure your business name is front and center, so consumers will recall it later when they want to look you up online. And consider including an easy to remember tinyurl or bit.ly link to your home or sales webpage.

Offer a Discount or Other Special Offer

Including a specific, special offer on your out-of-home advertisement can not only drive traffic to your website and business, but it can also accelerate drivers’ buying decisions. Research shows that 32% of people report that they’ve made a purchase within a week of seeing a sales promotion on a billboard. And 24% reported that, after seeing a billboard promotion, they made a purchase the same day!

Promote Special Offers for In-Store Visits

This tip is similar to the one above, but it focused specifically on driving foot traffic. If it’s somehow more beneficial to have consumers visit you in person, as opposed to ordering online, billboards are great for advertising special in-store only promotions and limited-time offers. People are always looking for a deal. Promote sales, special events, new products, or grand openings to get more people to visit your location, so you can start building relationships with them.

Increase Visibility with Multiple Billboards

The more exposure you have across billboards around your region, the greater your brand visibility. Repetition across multiple high-traffic billboard locations gives drivers more opportunities to notice and recall your brand. Remember that increasing impressions increases sales, and that the generally accepted minimum number of impressions needed to make the sale is seven. Use geographically strategic placements around your location.

Use Geography to Your Advantage

Impressions matter, but – as in real estate – location can be of supreme importance when determining where to place your billboard ads. The idea is to make it as simple as possible for people to decide to visit you and to find your location. Think about how many billboard advertisements you see from McDonald’s while traveling on an interstate or other busy thoroughfare. You’ll notice that they typically include “Take Exit 3B” or “Turn Right Ahead” to send you directly to their golden arches. You don’t have to be McDonald’s to give drivers instructions on how to get to you right now.

Include a Strong Call-to-Action

Every billboard should end with a strong CTA like “Visit Our Website Now” or “Stop by Our Store Today.” Tell people exactly what you want them to do after seeing the billboard. Drive them online or direct them to your physical location.

Driving Traffic to Your Website or Storefront

As you can see, billboard advertising can drive traffic both to your website and your location. And you can tweak the strategies to drive one over the other, depending upon the goals of your business.  Billboards deliver great brand exposure and traffic when designed and placed strategically. Use them to give brief interesting messages, drive website visits, promote special offers, and provide a clear call to action.

Billboard advertising pays dividends when leveraged effectively as part of your overall marketing mix. And we can help you come up with an advertising strategy that incorporates these tips to your business’ best advantage to meet your goals. Give us a call today.

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