Digital Billboards: Outdoor Advertising Gone High-Tech


Think of billboard advertising as an old fashioned advertising strategy? Think again!
With digital billboards, outdoor advertising has kept up with today’s hottest trends!


Digital billboards are electronic displays using hundreds of LED light bulbs that show rotating ads throughout the day. They have the look and feel of supersized high-def TVs. Because they’re controlled by computers, businesses can change their ads more frequently than they can with traditional outdoor advertisements.

Ads display for 8 seconds before changing to a different message so different advertisers typically share the same space. And, as a result of our highly-connected electronic world, they’re quickly gaining in popularity! Currently, there are over 2,400 digital displays across the United States.

Get and Keep More Attention

A 2014 study from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) found that commuters look at digital billboards for 0.379 seconds while travelers only glance at print designs for 0.335 seconds. And is it any wonder? Digital billboards are eye catching and appealing. They definitely speak to our tech-savvy nature.

What’s more, a Nielsen study found that 72% of consumers think digital billboards “are a cool way to advertise,” and 3 out of 4 people remember seeing a digital ad over the past month.

And despite some lobbying groups concerns about their safety, another FHWA study found that they do not distract drivers or pose any significant safety risks. In fact, both traditional and digital displays fall well below the National Highway Trac Safety Administration’s safety standards. These say that the likelihood of an accident happening doesn’t increase until after a driver looks away from the road for more than two seconds

Less Expensive than You Think

With recent advances in technology, the cost of advertising on a digital billboard continues to drop. Because several companies use the same advertising space, they share the cost.
Even better, there aren’t associated installation charges so you can easily change your
message as your business needs change.

So are you excited to get your current and potential customers buzzing about your
brand? We are! Check out our digital billboards here.
Have questions? That’s okay, too! Leave them below or get in touch to take your
business to a whole new level!

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