Part 2: 5 Tips to Create Effective Outdoor Advertising for Your College or University

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This is Part 2 in a 2 Part Series on effective outdoor advertising for your college or university.  Last time, we showed you several different ways your school will benefit from billboard advertising.  If you missed it, you can read it here. This time, we’re going to share 5 tips to help you maximize the results of your campaign.

In an increasingly competitive landscape, schools, colleges, and universities need to develop comprehensive, creative advertising campaigns in order to stand out. Billboard advertising can be an especially powerful and cost effective addition to your school’s campaign.

In fact, several case studies from the OAAA ( prove that outdoor advertising not only boosts prospective students’ interest, but also leads to increased enrollment.  Additionally, billboards build awareness and strengthen community opinion. And that’s great for growing your donor base!

But it can be overwhelming to develop an outdoor advertising campaign.  That’s why we gathered our design pros to share 5 tips that’ll help you create effective outdoor advertising for your college or university.

5 Tips to Create Effective Outdoor Advertising for Your College or University

1.  Choose the Best Locations

The location for your billboards play an important role in the success of your campaign.  Choose locations with high average daily traffic along routes that are traveled by both prospective students, as well as their parents.

Also, don’t limit yourself to the town where your campus is located. Attract more prospective students by expanding your reach by selecting locations in surrounding communities, as well.

2. Choose the Best Time

The timing of your school’s billboard campaigns is also an important factor in your overall success.  While you definitely want to launch campaigns during enrollment periods, don’t overlook other times of the year.

Develop campaigns around important school events, ( such as fundraisers, new program launches, or sporting events.  This will keep you in the front of your audience’s mind throughout the year.

3. Design a Wow-Inducing Billboard

Though the sky’s the limit when creating effective outdoor advertising, there are a few basic rules you should follow to design your billboard.  Simple layouts with plenty of white space work best. Focus on a single idea that’s easily understood when viewing at far distances and fast speeds.  Also, choose bold, high-contrast colors and legible fonts.

Keep your message brief and concise.  Adding to much text clutters up your ad and confuses viewers.  If you have a lot to say, consider using a digital billboard so you can easily change your message.  And if you really want to attract attention, consider adding an embellishment or extension.

4. Write a Compelling Message

For the best results, keep your message to ten words or less.  Even better if you can keep it below six. Write a message that’s action-oriented, thought-provoking, and benefits-focused.  Keep your target audience in mind and strive to strike an emotional chord.

And speaking of your target audience . . .

5. Don’t Forget About Key Stakeholders

It’s likely that you’ll be targeting young adults with your billboards.  After all, they make up the largest percentage of college enrollees. However, don’t overlook other key audience members when creating effective outdoor advertising for your school.

Design campaigns that will appeal to nontraditional students and working adults. Target parents since they will likely play a role in where their child goes to school.  Finally, engage community members and potential donors.

In Sum

Adding out-of-home advertising to your school’s advertising plan is a great way to promote awareness, increase enrollment, and build relationships with potential donors.  Use these 5 tips to create effective outdoor advertising for your college or university, and your campaign is sure to get an A+!

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