Complementing Digital Advertising with Traditional Advertising Methods


In today’s busy world digital marketing has become the most popular way to advertise. Some feel that the traditional ways of advertising are dying out. However, the best way to advertise is a mix of both. Combining traditional methods with advanced digital methods will bring you a better return for your advertising budget.

One example of mixing traditional and digital is doing a print ad and a display ad. If you are running a print ad in a local publication, then it would help add more return if you run a digital ad as well. This way you reach different markets of potential customers. This is also a good practice if you are running TV ad spots as well.  Match your digital marketing with your TV spot to get maximum exposure.

When you run a banner ad the goal is to have an eye-catching ad with only a few words. Match this ad with one on a billboard. Both have a similar layout and you can catch viewers whether they are browsing the net or going 60 down the highway.

Another great pairing is transportation ads along with geolocation.  Place an ad on the side of a bus or other transportation vehicle ad pair it with a geolocation ad. People will see the bus ad and also will remind them when they get pinged on their mobile devices with the geo-location services. This combination is a two-punch knockout for advertising!

No matter which combination you choose, it’s beneficial to mix traditional methods of advertising with new digital methods.  It will enhance your reach as well as give you the best ROI for your advertising budget. Penneco Outdoor Advertising has the billboards you need for pairing with other advertising.  We even have digital boards allowing you to show different ads all on the same board. Keep your advertising moving with the times while still staying connected to your roots.

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