Combine Online and Offline Advertising to Reach Your Business Goals

Combine Online & Offline advertising

Can you believe it’s almost the halfway point of 2017?  It seems like only yesterday you were busy setting your 2017 business goals.  And since, you’ve been hard at work trying to reach them.

How’s it going?

With the midway point of the year quickly approaching, now is the time to check your progress.  Is your company on track to finish the year off strong?  If not, adjusting your advertising strategy can get your business back on course.

Combine Online and Offline Advertising to Increase Your Bottom Line

billboard advertising boosts online activity

With so much attention given to online marketing methods, like websites and social media, it’s easy to overlook traditional offline advertising methods, such as billboards, radio, TV, and print. But combining both online and offline marketing approaches is a proven way to boost your bottom line.

So if your digital marketing efforts haven’t produced the results you expected, adding offline advertising will help. In fact, studies find that offline advertising methods increase online activity.

And according to Nielsen’s 2017 OOH Online Activation Survey, billboards were found to be the most effective method to drive online activity!

Simply put, when people see an ad on a billboard, they search for – and engage with – that brand online!

Consumer Behavior after Seeing an Outdoor Ad

  • 46% of US adults search for the business.
  • 38% visit the company’s Facebook page or post a message about the business on Facebook.
  • 25% post something on Instagram.
  • 23% tweet a message on Twitter.
  • 15% download the advertiser’s app.

Advertising with Penneco Outdoor Advertising

combine online and offline advertising

Our billboards have daily vehicle counts between 3,900 and 43,000.  This means that when you advertise your business on one of our billboards:

  • Nearly 10,500 adults could search for your business online.
  • Almost 8,700 people could find, or post about, your company on Facebook.
  • 5,700 consumers could post something about your business on Instagram.
  • More than 5,200 people could tweet about you, or check out your Twitter profile.
  • Over 3,400 adults could download your app.

In Sum

The best advertising strategies include a well-rounded mix of online and offline approaches that result in a high return on your investment.  And with their low cost and ability to drive consumer behavior, billboards offer you a powerful way to reach – or exceed – your 2017 business goals.

Over to you. Have you advertised your business on a billboard? What result did it have on your business? Did you see increased engagement online? Let us know in the comments below!

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