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Part 2: 5 Tips to Create Effective Outdoor Advertising for Your College or University

This is Part 2 in a 2 Part Series on effective outdoor advertising for your college or university.  Last time, we showed you several different ways your school will benefit from billboard advertising.  If you missed it, you can read it here. (  This time, we’re going to share 5 tips to help you maximize the results of your campaign.   In an increasingly competitive landscape, schools, colleges, and universities need to develop comprehensive, creative...
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Part 1: Effectiveness of Outdoor Advertising for Colleges and Universities

The new semester may have just started, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be looking to fill next semester’s empty seats. Now is the perfect time to start advertising your college or university. Read on to learn how billboards can increase student enrollment and get x tips to design a billboard advertising campaign for your school that’ll get an A+!   Universities and colleges face a number of unique challenges when it comes to...
How to Boost Event Attendance with Billboard Advertising

How to Boost Event Attendance with Billboard Advertising

Think billboards are just for advertising businesses and brands? Not at all! Outdoor advertising is a great way to get the word out about events, too! Are you a nonprofit with an upcoming fundraiser? A civic organization that’s holding a community event? A local university with a new sports team? Maybe you’re a theatre and landed several popular shows for next season?  Whatever type of event you're hosting, how you advertise it will play an...
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How Not to Advertise Your Small Business: Don’t Make This Critical Mistake

Summer is in full swing and it’s . . . yard sale season! Why is an outdoor advertising agency writing about yard sales? Believe it or not, they actually do have something in common with your small business. Read on and find out what.   How Not to Advertise Your Small Business A few days ago, we ran into an acquaintance at a networking event. As we caught up, she shared that she had recently...
Combine Online & Offline advertising

Combine Online and Offline Advertising to Reach Your Business Goals

Can you believe it’s almost the halfway point of 2017?  It seems like only yesterday you were busy setting your 2017 business goals.  And since, you’ve been hard at work trying to reach them. How’s it going? With the midway point of the year quickly approaching, now is the time to check your progress.  Is your company on track to finish the year off strong?  If not, adjusting your advertising strategy can get your business back on...
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FAQs: How Much Do Billboards Cost?

Is outdoor advertising expensive? How much do billboards cost? Can I afford to advertise my business on a billboard? We answer these questions and more in this week’s post.   Over the last several months, we’ve posted a lot about the benefits of advertising your business on a billboard. We’ve even shared our best tips for designing effective outdoor ads. But one thing we haven’t written about is the cost of billboards. Well, that changes...
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OOH Design Tips | Choosing the Best Colors for Your Billboard

Want to design an outdoor ad that really stands out? Using the right colors for your billboard can make a big difference between standing out from the crowd and fading into the background. In fact, studies from the National Institute of Health have found that colors impact how well we remember information!    So how do you know which colors are going get your business the attention it deserves? Read on for some tips from the design pros at Penneco...
Why Are Billboards Effective? 3 Psychological Reasons

Why Are Billboards Effective? 3 Psychological Reasons

We write a lot about the ways that outdoor advertising can build your brand, bring you more customers, and boost your profits, but do you know why Out-of-Home (OOH) is such a powerful advertising medium?  Exactly why are billboards effective? Here are 3 reasons based in psychology. So Why are Billboards Effective? 1. Billboards Reach Consumers on an Unconscious Level. In 2013, Arbitron’s Out of Home Advertising Study found that 84% of travelers pay attention to the billboards they view. (Incidentally, this is up...
4 Steps to Create a Winning Outdoor Advertising Strategy

4 Steps to Create a Winning Outdoor Advertising Strategy

Did you know that using billboards as part of your advertising strategy can help you achieve your 2017 business goals?  It’s true!  Billboards are a powerful and cost-effective way to reach both your long and short term business objectives!  And developing a solid strategy doesn’t have to be hard or overwhelming either.  Just follow these 4 steps and you’ll create a winning outdoor advertising strategy in no time! Why an Advertising Strategy is Important Taking the time...
6 Outdoor Advertising Strategies that Work

6 Outdoor Advertising Strategies that Work

Adding outdoor media to your advertising plan this year?  Great!  Then you already know that billboards are an excellent way to increase your profits, build your brand, and stretch your advertising budget further.  But do you know how to develop an effective strategy?  If not, then keep reading because the team at Penneco Outdoor has 6 outdoor advertising strategies that work every time!   6 Outdoor Advertising Strategies that Work   1. Target Your Ideal Customer...
20 Quotes To Help You Design a Better Billboard

20 Quotes To Help You Design a Better Billboard

Let the official countdown to 2017 begin!  If you're like most of us, you're probably reviewing your 2016 business goals. How did you do?  Did you meet or exceed your goals?  Yes?  Great!  If not, how come?  Do your potential customers know about your company and its amazing products and services?  If not, add billboards to your advertising strategy in 2017.  They're a proven tried-and-true way to get the word out about your business and boost profits!  And to...
Posters? Bulletins? Billboard Sizes Explained

Posters? Bulletins? Billboard Sizes Explained

Did you know that billboards come in a lot of different sizes and that choosing the right size of outdoor structure depends on your advertising goals?  It's true!  While some sizes are best suited for quick market saturation, others are more effective for seasonal promotions.  Here's a handy reference the outlines the different billboard sizes available and how to select the perfect size for your business or product.   Bulletins •  The largest standard-sized billboard. •  Offer...