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POA_Q4 and 2021 Advertising Planning

Q4 and 2021 Advertising Planning

We’re officially in the final quarter of what has been a remarkable (and not in a good way) year. Although individuals and businesses are becoming less and less restricted, the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to play out and much remains unknown. After a lot talk about “the new normal,” we’re still not sure what that’s going to look like and what it may mean for our businesses. Instead of catastrophizing and worrying over all the...
POA_Local Businesses Profit

How Small to Medium Local Businesses Profit with Billboard Advertising

Business owners know that advertising, in its many forms, is key to gaining clients. Consumers can’t buy from you if they don’t know about you and the value you offer. Digital marketing ads (e.g., on Google, Facebook), direct mail, and print ads in local magazines and newspapers are among the key advertising options for local businesses. Another, very effective form of advertising comes in the form of word-of-mouth, or referrals, as research shows 74% of...
POA_Outdoor Advertising WORKS (1)

Outdoor Advertising WORKS – Even During a Pandemic

You’ve probably heard from every business under the sun about their response to the COVID-19 outbreak and been bombarded with statistics on the pandemic’s impact - on the economy as a whole and on small businesses specifically. We want to take a step to help our local business friends rebound from the setbacks we’ve all experienced. We also want to look on the bright side and share a little levity, fun, and good news. So...

How Small Businesses Profit From Using Billboards

All small businesses know that the way to get clients is to advertise. Word of mouth is other people advertising for you, but there is another lucrative advertising method for small businesses: billboards. They are one of the most effective marketing strategies since they reach a larger audience and can optimize the ROI on your marketing budget. All small businesses have to walk a fine line between advertising and profits. Sometimes more traditional advertising methods...

Planning Your 2019 Advertising Strategy

There is less than a month left of 2018 and it’s time to start thinking of your advertising strategy for 2019. This is the time to try new ways to advertise or to keep some that you are already using. There are some things you can do to get prepared and to plan out a strong advertising strategy.   Revisit who is your target client.   This is the time to re-look at who your...

10 Things to Consider To Create An Unforgettable Ad

Business owners know that to get more leads and customers you need to advertise. Since almost every business is advertising you need to make sure that your advertisement is unforgettable. This can be challenging but it isn’t impossible. Here are some things to consider when creating your ad to make it memorable.   What makes your company different from your competition?  When creating an ad you need to think about what your unique selling proposition...

Promoting Your Business on a Budget

All business owners, especially small business owners, know that when you market and promote your business you have to do it on a budget. You need to get the maximum exposure for the lowest amount spent. Here are some things you can do to promote your business when you are on a slim budget.    Utilize Social Media There are many people that don’t realize the power of social media. Back in 2014 over half...

Complementing Digital Advertising with Traditional Advertising Methods

In today’s busy world digital marketing has become the most popular way to advertise. Some feel that the traditional ways of advertising are dying out. However, the best way to advertise is a mix of both. Combining traditional methods with advanced digital methods will bring you a better return for your advertising budget. One example of mixing traditional and digital is doing a print ad and a display ad. If you are running a print...

Hitting a Bullseye with Your Target Audience

It’s time to dial in your amazing advertising strategy, but before you decide on the best way to advertise you need to make sure you know who your target audience is.  Do your research and learn your consumer demographic. Once you know who, what, when, and why, you need to make sure you are choosing the best ways to reach that audience and grab their attention.   Time to Do Your Homework The first step...
Get ready for 2018

20 Questions to Ask as You Develop an Advertising Strategy for 2018

As you’re busy closing the books on 2017, it’s time to think about how you’ll keep your business at the  front of your customers’ minds in the coming year. A key piece to this is developing an advertising strategy that’s aligned with your business goals and objectives.   But before you jump feet first into writing next year’s plan, take a close look at how you did this year. Even if you didn’t have a...
how to come up with your billboard message

Billboard Design Tips | How to Come Up With Your Billboard’s Message

There’s certainly no shortage of articles out there giving tips on designing a billboard.  However, few offer much in the way of coming up with your billboard’s message. Most simply advise to keep it short, simple, and to the point. But how exactly do you do that? After all, you’re a business owner, not a writer. If you can relate, then keep reading because this week, we’re sharing tips on how to come up with...
3 Ways to Improve Holiday Sales with Outdoor Advertising

3 Ways to Improve Holiday Sales with Outdoor Advertising

The holidays may feel far away, but they’ll be here before you know it. So if you haven't planned your holiday advertising campaigns, now’s the time to start making that list and checking it twice. Read on for 3 ways to improve holiday sales with outdoor advertising and get ready for your 2017 holiday sales to be bigger than Santa’s bag of gifts! According to Visa’s 2016 Retail Spending Monitor, last year saw a growth...