RT 819 near RT 119 and Porter Ave, Scottdale

#10 RT 819 119 Mount Pleasant_7_Eastbound


Location Number10
Size:12′ x 24′
Number of Faces:4
Average Daily Traffic:15,000 - 20,000
Side of Roadway:North
Roadway:State Route 819 – Porter Ave
Nearest Intersection:State Route 119
Distance:W 1075 ft


This billboard sign sits along Pennsylvania State Route 819 at its intersection with Porter Avenue in Mount Pleasant, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. Mount Pleasant is one of the oldest boroughs in Southwestern Pennsylvania and boasts a history going back to the Revolutionary War. Local attractions and festivals draw in traffic from both Fayette and Allegheny Counties.

This outdoor advertising location is situated on the north side of State Route 819 at its intersection with Porter Avenue. This busy intersection is adjacent to several shopping plazas, as well as many fast food restaurants, including McDonald’s. These retail establishments are frequented by residents of Mount Pleasant, plus nearby residents from New Stanton, Scottdale as well as from Fayette County towns.

Located not far from control city New Stanton, Pennsylvania, Mount Pleasant boast a lot of history. It is the birthplace of Henry Clay Frick, an American industrialist who was a chairman of Carnegie Steel Co. and who played a major role in the formation of steel giant U.S. Steel. West Overton Museum, located where Frick was born, is a local attraction. The town is also sometimes referred to as ‘Helltown’ over events that occurred there during the Whiskey Rebellion.

In addition to West Overton Village, the area is home to other attractions and festivals, such as the Greendance Winery and the annual Mount Pleasant Glass and Ethnic festival. Glass making was among Mount Pleasant’s many early industries. In 1896, Bryce Brothers hand-blown glass was established in Mount Pleasant. This glass manufacturer eventually became world famous Lenox Crystal.

At 12 feet high by 50 feet wide, offering 600 square feet of outdoor advertising space, this billboard sign is truly in a prime location. Not only will your outdoor ad get ample exposure in this location – it boasts average daily traffic of 15,000 to 20,000 cars and trucks – but the billboard can’t be missed at the corner of this busy intersection.
This outdoor advertising location has four faces, and it sits on the north side of State Route 819. Two, stacked faces are visible from either direction, so you have the opportunity to catch drivers’ attention as they both come and go from their shopping destinations.

Leverage this premium location to build your brand, get noticed, & leave a lasting impression on local & non-local customers!

Billboard advertising is an excellent choice for your marketing mix. Outdoor advertising is free to passers by – it’s not dependent upon people buying a magazine, newspaper, or movie ticket to see your message. Plus, they can’t be turned off. You can’t unsubscribe from billboard advertising, and you really cannot miss it! Outdoor advertising allows you to get your brand in front of more people faster and cheaper than any other advertising option!

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