Irwin Westmoreland County Digital Billboard Sign

Location Number29
Size:10' x 22'
Number of Faces:2
Average Daily Traffic:20,000 - 30,000
Side of Roadway:North
Roadway:State Route 30
Nearest Intersection:I-76 PA Turnpike
Distance:W 300 ft


Get noticed and leave a lasting impression on current and new customers alike with this ultra-modern digital billboard. Located along Route 30 in the highly desirable North Huntingdon/Irwin area of Westmoreland County, this 10’x22’ digital billboard sign offers prime advertising real estate for local and regional businesses. 

Situated on the north side of Route 30 and just 300 feet east of the Pennsylvania turnpike, an estimated average of 20,000 to 30,000 drivers pass by this advertising location every day. That adds up to over three quarters of a million impressions each month!

This billboard sign has two faces. One face captures the attention of westbound drivers preparing to get onto the turnpike. The other is seen by drivers headed east from the Irwin and Pittsburgh areas toward Jeannette and Greensburg Pennsylvania. 

As a digital sign, it’s always illuminated, so travelers will see your outdoor business ad lit up across hundreds of thousands of pixels, no matter what time of day they drive by. Plus, digital billboards offer advertising options you can’t get with traditional outdoor advertising. Incorporate subtle movement to your billboard ad to add an extra attention-grabbing element to your business ad. Update your message frequently and with ease with just a new digital image file. No waiting for printing and installation.

Further, apps that allow for real-time data to be displayed can be integrated with digital billboard advertising. Provide your customers with up-to-the-minute information by adding data that’s automatically updated in real-time. 

Check out the images below and imagine shining a spotlight on your business for up to 30,000 drivers a day from this amazing location. Even better, click on “View in Google Map” to get the full, panoramic street view, and see exactly why this billboard location stands out.

You’re just one, 400×820-pixel image file away from having your business brand up in lights and making 750,000+ impressions every month. Complete the form to contact us about placing your outdoor ad at this location.

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