RT 119, Black Lick


Billboard Sign

Location Number14
Size:14′ x 48’6″
Number of Faces:2
Average Daily Traffic:15,000 - 20,000
Side of Roadway:East
Roadway:State Route 119
Nearest Intersection:Campbells Mill Road
Distance:S 1000 ft


Nothing will compete for the attention of commuters as they pass this great billboard site! This bulletin billboard can’t be missed by travelers headed both north and south on Route 119 as they pass through Black Lick in Burrell Township, Westmoreland County.

Though Black Lick is a small town of just over 500 families, Route 119 is a major thoroughfare for Pennsylvania travelers and connects Westmoreland, Indiana, and Washington Counties. Although the population is modest, the average daily traffic along this section of Route 119 is 15,000 to 20,000 travelers. This leg of Route 119 is situated between Homer City and Blairsville, Pennsylvania.

This billboard is located along Route 119, near its intersection with Campbells Mills Road, and situated not far from Route 22, making it an ideal spot for both local businesses and national brands! It’s a bulletin billboard, the largest standard size billboard for outdoor advertising. Offering 672 square feet of outdoor advertising space, this billboard offers incomparable visibility for your local or global brand.

Situated on the east side of Route 119, this Black Lick billboard has two faces, one which can be seen by southbound drivers, and the other visible to northbound travelers. With no other billboards or other large signs competing for drivers’ attention, this location offers the perfect opportunity to make your brand stand out.

Consider placing your ad on both faces of this outdoor billboard sign to grab the attention of drivers headed both north and south. Plus, people commuting back and forth past this location will see your brand both coming and going. Multiply your ad impressions to make a greater impact!

Billboard advertising is an excellent choice for your marketing mix. Outdoor advertising is free to passers by – it’s not dependent upon people buying a magazine, newspaper, or movie ticket to see your message. Plus, they can’t be turned off. You can’t unsubscribe from billboard advertising, and you really cannot miss it! Outdoor advertising allows you to get your brand in front of more people faster and cheaper than any other advertising option!

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