Greensburg Rt 119 Westmoreland County Billboard Sign

Sign #5 RT 119 S Main St-Greensburg Left Hand Read

Greensburg Rt 119 Westmoreland County Billboard Sign

Location Number5
Size:14′ x 48′
Number of Faces:2
Average Daily Traffic:20,000 - 30,000
Side of Roadway:West
Roadway:State Route 119 – S Main St
Nearest Intersection:State Route 30
Distance:NE 925


This billboard is situated in Westmoreland County along South Main Street/Route 119 between the city of Greensburg and Youngwood, PA. Positioned on Route 119 just south of it intersects with Route 30, this sign sits across the street from McDonald’s and Hoss’. Situated around and just behind those restaurants are large office buildings, which include the locations of dentists, doctors, insurers, and other frequently visited professional services.

Given the restaurants, business offices, and convenience stores at and around nearby intersections, there’s a lot of local activity condensed into this stretch of Route 119. So, it’s no surprise that an average of 25,000 potential, local customers will pass by your outdoor ad when you select this location to promote your brand. There’s a Sheetz under construction near the intersection of Route 119 and Huff Avenue, which is sure to drive even more traffic to this area.

Sitting on the west side of Route 119, also known by the locals as South Main Street, this billboard sign has two faces – one facing in each direction. This gives you the opportunity to grab drivers’ attention not once, but twice, if you place your outdoor ad on both faces. You can catch them coming and going to boost that all-important number of impressions needed to drive traffic to your location!

In addition to the drivers visiting these South Greensburg venues, this billboard will also catch the eye of drivers heading north into downtown Greensburg, as well as those who need to hop on Route 30. Not only do 20-30,000 drivers pass this billboard daily, but they’re also often stopped, as the sign is positioned between two traffic lights along Route 119.

Check out the images below and imagine shining a spotlight on your business for up to 30,000 drivers a day from this amazing location. Better yet, click on “View in Google Map” to get the full, panoramic, street view of the four faces of this billboard sign.

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