Delmont Export Rt 66 & Rt 22 Westmoreland County Billboard Sign


Delmont Export Rt 66 & Rt 22 Westmoreland County Billboard Sign

Location Number7
Size:12′ x 24′
Number of Faces:4
Average Daily Traffic:15,000 - 20,000
Side of Roadway:West
Roadway:State Route 66
Nearest Intersection:State Route 22
Distance:S 1500 ft


This Route 22 billboard sits in a prime location where no other advertising and few other visuals will distract drivers from your brand message. They can’t miss it! Located at the intersection of Routes 22 and 66, as many as 20,000 drivers and their passengers will have their eyes on your brand every day. 

Sitting on the west side of the roadway, the residents of Delmont, Export, Greensburg, Murrysville who take these routes to work, for appointments, and for shopping can’t miss your out-of-home advertising. 

Each of the four faces of this 12’ x 24’ bulletin billboard offer the perfect opportunity to make your brand message roar. Two of the faces will capture the attention of north-bound travelers, while the other two faces are available to showcase your brand to south-bound drivers. 

To double those all-important brand impressions, place two ads – one facing each direction – and you’ll catch drivers both coming and going. Double the impressions and double your ROI!

Alternatively, take advantage of the stacked faces in either direction, and create an add that spans them both. Billboards make a BIG impression, and “thinking outside the board” to create one, even bigger message to your potential customers can be the unexpected twist that makes your brand stand out. 

Research shows that 58% of people report that they discovered an event or restaurant that interested them by viewing a roadside billboard. Therefore, advertising at this billboard location is ideal for nearby shops and restaurants. Why not persuade travelers to stop in, while they’re in the area? Leverage the power of the ample traffic on Route 22  to drive foot traffic to your local location!

Scroll to the images of this location below to see great example ads. For a 360° view, click on “View in Google Maps” for the complete street view of the four faces where you can showcase your brand to up to 20,000 travelers a day.

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