Adamsburg Irwin North Huntingdon Westmoreland County Billboard Sign

#3 Adamsburg_5_Westbound

Adamsburg Irwin North Huntingdon Westmoreland County Billboard Sign

Location Number3
Size:10’6″ x 36′
Number of Faces:4
Average Daily Traffic:20,000 - 30,000
Side of Roadway:North
Roadway:State Route 30
Nearest Intersection:Penn-Adamsburg Road
Distance:W 650


This 10’6”x 36’ bulletin billboard has 4 faces and sits near the intersection of Route 30 and Penn-Adamsburg Road, just east of the Irwin turnpike exchange.

As many as 30,000 people traveling between Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties via the Pennsylvania turnpike drive by this location. It’s a great place to advertise a business that’s accessible to residents of both counties.

This location has four faces – two facing east and two facing west, offering a unique opportunity to double your efforts and grab the attention of many commuters! Get creative and ‘think outside the board’ – design an ad that takes advantage of the stacked faces, to make an impression that’s twice as big.

See the images of this location below, or for a 360° view, click on “View in Google Maps” for the complete street view. 

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