23 Astonishing Billboard Statistics You Must See to Believe


We admit it. Our team at Penneco Outdoor Advertising just love discovering all the ways that billboards can benet businesses like yours. So this week, we got in touch with our inner data geeks and found 23 absolutely amazing billboard statistics you just have to see to believe!

The number of outdoor advertising displays in the United States numbers 2 million.

Billboards represent 17% of all outdoor advertising types . . .

. . . And account for 65% of all OOH revenue

Americans spend more than 70% of their waking hours outside of their homes.
. . . And 96% are exposed to OOH advertising while in a vehicle every week!

210: The number of miles the average American travels each week

7 – 10: The number of seconds a traveler sees a billboard

2005: The first year digital billboards were installed

The number of digital billboards in the United States: 6700

The top outdoor advertiser in America: McDonald’s

The top outdoor advertiser globally: Proctor & Gamble

Of all American markets, New York spends the most money on OOH media.

7.4% of all global advertising dollars is spent on outdoor advertising.

Billboard marketing costs 80% less than television advertising.

Total OOH revenue generated in 2015: $7.3 Billion.

Nearly 25% of OOH advertising’s daily audience occurs between 4 pm and 7 pm.
71% of billboard viewers remember the ads they see.

. . . And 56% talk about a funny billboard they saw.

32% visit an establishment during the week they viewed an outdoor advertisement.

. . . And 24% visit the establishment the very same the day!

1867: The year of the first recorded billboard leasing

16: The number of law firms who are OAAA members and provide legal services to the out-of-home advertising industry in the US.

The number of states with outdoor advertising associations: 18

Are you as surprised as we are about these billboard statistics? Interested in learning more about effective billboard advertising? We’d love to hear about it. Leave us a comment below!


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