Posters? Bulletins? Billboard Sizes Explained

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Did you know that billboards come in a lot of different sizes and that choosing the right size of outdoor structure depends on your advertising goals?  It’s true!  While some sizes are best suited for quick market saturation, others are more effective for seasonal promotions.  Here’s a handy reference the outlines the different billboard sizes available and how to select the perfect size for your business or product.


Bulletinsbillboard sizes

•  The largest standard-sized billboard.

•  Offer maximum exposure and visibility.

•  Deliver the most impact.

•  Located primarily on highways, expressways, and major roads.

•  Great choice for all industries, products, and messages.


Bulletin Sizes

• 14′ H x 48′ W

• 10’ H x 40’ W

• 10’6” H x 36’ W


billboard sizesPoster Billboards

•  Smaller sized advertising medium

•  Deliver high exposure to local residents and commuters.

•  Reach customers where they live, work, and play.

•  Located primarily on major roads in the commercial and industrial areas of a community. 

•  Great choice when you want to get your message out in the shortest time possible.

•  Designed to be duplicated and posted in different locations to flood your market at one time.


Poster Sizes

•  12’6″ H x 24’6 W


Jr Poster BillboardsBillboard Sizes Jr Posters

•  Smallest sized outdoor advertising structure.

•  Great for targeting hard-to-reach local audiences.

•  Located on smaller roads and in community neighborhoods.

•  Placed close to retailers and storefronts to increase sales.

•  Perfect for promoting special events, new products, and seasonal offerings.


Jr Poster Sizes

•  6’2″ H x 12’2″ W


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