Beyond the Backyard: Why Your Billboard Shouldn’t be Placed Too Close to Your Business

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Are you pondering the perfect billboard placement for your business? Turns out, giving your advertisement a bit of breathing room might be the ingenious move you never knew you needed!

The Goldilocks Principle: Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold

Remember Goldilocks and her quest for the perfect porridge? Your billboard placement follows similar logic. Placing it too close might make your business look like it’s trying too hard. On the other hand, being too far might leave customers scratching their heads, wondering, “Where is this place, again?” The sweet spot lies somewhere in between, creating just the right level of intrigue and accessibility.

Yes, sometimes a business needs a directional sign nearby. (Think: “Exit Now!”) Other times, you might be trying to reach a certain audience. Be where that audience is!

Know Your Audience

People tend to see billboards for products and services they’re looking for. For example: if you’re searching for a personal care home for an elderly parent, every nursing home advertisement you pass will catch your eye.

But if you aren’t in the market for that product or service, you’ll cruise right on by without noticing. A teenager probably wouldn’t remember where he saw a personal care home billboard, but we’ll bet they could identify billboards for a Trampoline Park. =

So What’s the Ideal Proximity for Billboard Placement?

We’ve found billboards that are between 10 and 20 minutes from the business can help reach new audiences. Here are three reasons why that placement can be a strategic advertising decision:

  1. Expanding Market Reach: Placing a billboard at a distance can help in expanding the business’s market reach beyond its immediate locality. This can be a part of a growth strategy to attract customers from neighboring areas or to build brand recognition in a wider region.
  1. Cost-Effectiveness: Sometimes, billboards in less congested or slightly remote areas might be more cost-effective while still offering significant exposure. This can be a strategic choice for small businesses with limited advertising budgets.
  1. Brand Building: Consistent exposure over a wider area can aid in brand building. People who regularly pass the billboard might not need the service immediately but could remember the business when the need arises.

Before deciding where to place your billboard, contact us to analyze your target audience and evaluate the local advertising landscape. We can help you explore a mix of locations to reach a diverse audience and maximize the impact of your ad campaign.

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