3 Ways to Make Your Billboard Work as Hard as You Do

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Ah . . . Labor Day!  That one special day each year where we get to pause and celebrate our hardworking American spirits and contributions to the US economy.  As the team at Penneco enjoyed a well earned day off (and some pretty delicious burgers to boot), the conversation turned to how hard it can be for a business to build its brand and grow. Wouldn’t it be great if marketing efforts worked as hard as business owners and employees?  They can!  Adding outdoor advertising to your company’s marketing plan can – and does – make your marketing strategy work overtime.  Read on for 3 fail proof ways to make your billboard work as hard as you do!



3 Tips to Make Your Billboard Work Harder


1. Get Straight to the Point


With only a few seconds for a traveler to take in your billboard, you don’t have the luxury of crafty lengthy messages with complicated call-to-actions. Make sure your ad is short, sweet, and to the point by:

-Using 7 words or less

-Including only 1 central image

-Using easy-to-read fontsMake your billboard work hard by choosing the right location

-Choosing bold, high-contrast colors


2. Choose the Best Location


One of the best ways to make sure your billboard works hard is to choose the right location. Make sure you select a site that:

-Gets a lot of traffic from your target audience

-Is highly visible from the roadway

-Stands out from its surroundings


Make your billboard work hard by being original

3. Be Original & Adventurous


Think of the most memorable billboards you’ve seen. What do they all have in common? That’s right – they’re especially creative, bold, daring, outrageous, funny or [insert another adjective here]. They’re unique and definitely are anything but boring.  Make sure your outdoor advertisement is memorable by:

-Being original. Though it’s tempting, don’t copy another business’ ad

-Planning lots of time for brainstorming & editing

-Working with design professionals if you need help



Ready to promote your advertising strategy and make your marketing work as hard as you do? Click here.

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