3 Easy Ways to Measure a Billboard’s Effectiveness


Are you adding outdoor media to your business’ advertising strategy, but you’re not quite sure how to determine whether it’s working? Not to worry! Tracking the success of your advertising campaign doesn’t have to be scary or hard. We’ve found some really easy ways to track your return on investment and measure your billboard’s effectiveness!

3 Easy Ways to Measure a Billboard’s Effectiveness

1. Create a Unique Landing Page


A super-easy way to figure out whether your website visitors have seen your billboard ad is to incorporate your website into your billboard design. All you have to do is create a unique landing page to be used strictly for your outdoor advertising. (That is, don’t use the same URL for emails or other marketing channels.) Then, simply track the number of visits to that specific page! Believe us, it’s much less complicated than it sounds.

Bonus Tip: Make sure the web address is super simple and easy to remember. Since viewers will be driving or only have a few seconds to see your billboard, they won’t be able to write down the address.

2. Use a Discount Code

Here’s a win-win for you: You can entice customers to buy and also measure your billboard’s success by incorporating a discount code that’s specific to that outdoor advertisement. Create something simple like BUY10 to offer 10% their purchase. In fact, the simpler the code is, the easier it will be for your customers to remember and use when they visit your location or website. Easy, huh?

Bonus Tip: Have a brick and mortar business? Say something like ‘Get 10% off when you mention this ad’. Own an online storefront? Use a straightforward coupon code.

3. Ask for Feedback

By far the easiest way we’ve found to determine if your billboard is doing its job is to ask customers how they learned about your business. As common sense as this sounds, a lot of business owners don’t always do this, but it’s definitely a valuable practice! What could be simpler?

Bonus Tip: Want to increase the likelihood of customers responding to your request? Run a contest and choose the winner from the respondents.

Ready to get started measuring the success of your billboard?

We can’t wait to hear about it! Tell us which of our three tips you’re going to try first. And if you have any other ideas about measuring your billboard’s effectiveness, we’d love to hear about those, too! Leave us a comment below.

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